Art Trades

I love Art, creating and collecting, and I'm always open to participating in Art trades with other Artists.
Generally when I trade, it's for a similar piece, with similar dimensions, etc.  ie. painting for painting, sculpture for sculpture, collage for collage...
There is no money exchanged, and each of us pays the cost of shipping for the piece we are sending.
I usually set a one month deadline for trades.  This is of course negotiable.
If you are interested in trading Art with me, fill out the form below.
Tell me a little about yourself, your art, and what you're looking to trade.
Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you!




*All info submitted is confidential*

If you'd prefer to email me directly, you can do so at

Art Trade Requirements:
  • Any art exchanged must be your own.
  • A time line/deadline must be set, and respected.
  • No money is ever exchanged.
  • Each of the participants must pay shipping for the item they've created.