WAM: Part 4.1

So, a friend of mine is an amateur pornographer, with a strong (personal) interest in "wet n messy" fetishism, or sploshing. He's trying to build up his "portfolio" with these videos we've been doing.

If you're interested in purchasing any of the videos that I've posted stills of, let me know...


Mud Persuasion and Adamo Macri

By Amy Greenfield @ Creative Thriftshop

"...He explores concepts such as the metaphysical aspects of vector symbols becoming matter, or a seed that propagates itself into an organic manifestation."

Adamo Macri


Digital manipulations via Jez Valazquez aka WormIntruder

"The wormhole made me do it."

WAM: Part 3.1 and 2 (preview)

...more to come.